Time Management Is Almost Impossible Without This…

By Maric Marfil

Think about your average work day.

How often do you get everything that you want to accomplish that day done? If you’re like most business owners I know, the answer is infrequently.

How often do you look back and say, I made progress today, I am building an incredible business? If it’s not a daily thing it’s OK,we all have our bad days. If it’s not a weekly thing however, you might need a check up.

Let’s talk through what’s probably happening. You get caught up in the details. You get nervous and anxious thinking about how everything is going to get done. You jump into getting the work, or doing the work, or making sure that everything stays together.

All of these things are necessary at times and none of them are bad in themselves. But, when our tendency is to jump in and DO those things, we create a default operating system, an environment, that facilitates your involvement to get things done.

You may have a staff member that every time they struggle with things they should KNOW by now, they run to you. And what do you do, you help them out because you don’t believe they will do it as good as you.

That’s a culture problem and you created it.

If you’re caught up getting work, doing work, and trying to tie it all together all of the time, you’re neglecting the one thing that can spare you from that endless cycle.

The thing you’re missing is good leadership and you can’t lead effectively without a clear vision.

When you’re locked into a clear vision for your company your work starts to shift.

Instead of the tendency to do, you start to find that the default method of accomplishing things shifts to training, developing, and coaching your under performing staff.

You find that they engage better because they know what’s expected, and they have the skills to play their role without running to you every time they face a little challenge.

They begin to lead themselves because they were lead.

Good leadership starts with a clear vision. If you don’t have a clear and compelling vision guiding your daily actions, I’ve created a free guide here. It’s called The Perfect Operating System.

Download it now and stop the endless cycle of poor progress.