The Real Problem With Your Business

By Maric Marfil

This is the problem I see with startups and early stage (trapped in the operation) business owners.

Here’s the deal, this is your story most likely. You got good at doing something and you had the bright idea that you should start a company doing that thing.

If it was marketing, you started a marketing company, if it was building a product you started selling that product. If it was providing a service, you thought, I’ll just go do it for myself, that will be a lot easier!

What you couldn’t see before you got in the middle of it is that it’s not a simple as doing what you do well.

You now have to do a lot of things you’re not good at.

You now have to worry about competitors and your team. You have to worry about how well you train your team because what if they leave you and go do it for themselves? You have to worry about paying taxes, insuring your business, paying other people, marketing, producing, customer satisfaction, safety in the workplace, communicating with a team, and the list goes on and on.

It’s so easy to get trapped in your business and stuck doing all of the things you’re not good at. They take a lot of time because frankly, you’re not good at them. How could you be good at them, you’ve never done them, you’ve never developed the skill, and you probably weren’t aware of most of them.

The problem is, you can’t see the whole picture, you’re fighting a battle with a blindfold on.

I can’t help you make the transition to seeing the whole picture in one post. What I can do is offer you the opportunity to help you see it over some time and through a relationship.

Start here It’s the core of what makes businesses successful. Don’t download it if you are happy with building a shallow business.

Make sure you spend some time digesting it.