How would it feel to have A CEO advisor in your corner?


The role of CEO is the most misunderstood position in a company because so few people make it there. It also seems like the loneliest by far. As a result of loneliness, you feel like you have to be guarded with everyone you speak to. That lonely personality trait causes major problems for you and your company. As a CEO advisor, I understand your role and the significant problems having to be guarded certainly creates in your company.


The list of problems the feeling of loneliness creates is long. The lack of ability to delegate effectively, constant excuses from your team, clients you don’t like, slim margins, constant drama, and worst of all, a team that is not progressing at the rate you would like.


How would it feel to walk into your company daily and finally have a clear plan about how to develop your team? Similarly, how would it feel to effectively share the leadership responsibility with people you trust? Best of all, how would you feel if you possessed the tools to turn the constant conflict of your position into something that propels your company towards the vision you have for it?  If you would like to move your company in that direction, book a time for an evaluation with me.

Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting Specialist | Jesse Miller
Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting Specialist

Do you have a clear Vision of what you want your company to be?

If you spend your time dealing with the details of your operation the potential of your company is severely limited. The model for high-growth CEOs is not an operations guy. As a result, the term used to describe the best CEOs is Visionary.

Living as a visionary develops and outward facing aggressive posture. That stance enhances your ability to clearly see where your industry is going. It will also give you the ability to beat your competitors to innovation. In contrast, if you don’t innovate, you will wake up one day and realize that your business is antiquated. You are not the go-to source, just a commodity in your marketplace.

I know operating a company has the ability to beat the vision out of you. Maybe you are in that mental frame now, don’t worry. As a CEO advisor, one of the results of our engagement will be that your mission will be clear. We will highlight, embody, and most importantly, communicate in a way your team engages with your mission.

We will turn your mission into a strategic plan where finally, your team knows their role and how to engage. Your ability to operate in a forward-facing leadership role is the single most crucial factor to create growth. To learn more about my services as a CEO advisor book a time now.

Do you have a clear Action plan for the progress of your company?

Being a visionary is not enough. I ask potential clients this question, what is your plan to get the result you want for your company? What is your answer? Unfortunately, the most frequent answer I get to this question is to continue working hard.

100% of the failed CEOs ranked high on Integrity and, 97% ranked high on work ethic. Those were the results of a recent Harvard Business Review study. For that reason, hard work is not enough to be successful. You must have a clear action plan and similarly, the ability to get your team fully on board.

If you’re a good fit for my CEO advisor services. We will enhance the DNA it takes to lead your strategy and team more effectively.

what activities make up your day?

I don’t know a single CEO that doesn’t want great things for his company. I don’t know a single successful CEO who doesn’t believe his company is capable of being great. While that desire exists in all CEOs you won’t carry out your plan unless your daily activities are aligned with the activities that will accomplish your desired result.

The most common failure with CEOs is highlighted in the video below. If you would like to improve in this area, I would be honored to explore if you would be a good fit to work with me in a CEO advisor role.

I prepared a short book I’d like to share with you

Because you’ve made it this far on my site, I’d like to offer you a free gift. I wrote a short book called The Perfect Operating System. I am confident it will help enhance your clarity. To get your copy, follow my directions below.

First, connect with me on Linkedin. Second, message me that you’d like a copy of The Perfect Operating System. Then, I will send you a copy.

The Perfect Operating System | Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting


Hi, I’m Jesse Miller Founder of Integrity Enterprises. I would be honored to explore if you’d be a good fit for my CEO Advisor services.

The highest value you can contribute to your organization is created when you lead and guide the direction, intent, and vision of your company. You are fully responsible for everything that happens in your organization. I know you feel that pressure on a regular basis. When that pressure arises, if you don’t stay calm and collected, you will create a state of anxiety in your company. Anxiety in the workplace consequently causes a lot of work to be done with little result.

If we’re a good fit to work together, first we will focus on your company as a whole. Second, we will create a strategic plan that will lead and guide your company to the result you want. Third, we will create a more profitable and enjoyable company for everyone involved.

I understand what it takes for your company to win. I created Integrity Enterprises to be a resource for you. Schedule an evaluation and we will explore if you’d be a good fit to work with me.

Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting