How do I grow my business?

You’ve probably asked this question. In fact, it’s probably an obsession of yours. The answer to this question is really simple. Lots of people who are marketing products and services will tell you very different things. You need a website, you need a marketing funnel, you need employee benefits, you need a better sales team, more training, a better CRM. I could go on and on. While all of those things are crucial, none of them are the answer.

The fastest way to grow your business is to grow your skills as a business leader. You have to increase your skills as a business owner or CEO to grow your organization. If you don’t improve you, you’ll always be chasing the next bright shiny object, the motivational guru, or the technology that will solve all of your problems. In that chase, you will be wasting a ton of time.

Building a highly successful business is simple. It’s not intuitive or natural but, it’s simple. Improve your ability as a business owner and it will happen.

Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting Specialist | Jesse Miller
Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting Specialist

These are the skills you need to grow your company

What’s your role in your company? I love the answers I get to this question. They are typically very vague and unclear. Things like, I make sure my team shows up and delivers results. Or, I pay the bills. Let me phrase it another way. What are you responsible for in your company? The answer is, EVERYTHING. It’s all yours, every interaction at every level of your organization is your responsibility.

The biggest skill you can develop is to be able to lead and guide your organization to the success that you desire to create. If you don’t lead your organization to the desired outcome you have planned for it, no one else will. Your team will lead it to the outcome they have planned for it and, I assure you, you will not get a good result. You can not leave a void in your company’s leadership.

You must be able to clearly define and communicate your intended outcome

Grow and scale are extremely vague unclear terms. You have to do better than that. Beyond being able to clearly define what outcome you want, you have to connect it to a compelling reason that will keep you committed to taking action. Only that will make your dream a reality. Do you want to grow into a lifestyle business or a large corporation? What’s the dollar amount you’d like to clear? What’s the mission you are on? If you can’t answer these questions in a split second, you need to dig deep and find the answers before you do anything else.

This all makes sense, where do we go from here?

If you’re interested in what I have to say and you’d like to learn more about the services I offer, I have prepared a few resources for you. The first is a short video series. I will cover 5 tactics that have been implemented in thousands of businesses and produced incredible results. My aim is to give you valuable information that you can utilize to create progress in your company. I put this together solely to add value to you

Download this guide that lays out the core of what it takes to be successful in business

If I have your interest but, video isn’t your thing, I’ve prepared a guide called The Perfect Operating System that outlines the framework I lead my clients through. I recommend investing an hour, but you can read it in about 20 minutes. I believe it will help you see clearly the exact next step you need to take in building your business. I want to give it to you because, I believe in you and your ability to build something incredible. I’m willing to invest in you.

The Perfect Operating System | Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting


Hi I’m Jesse Miller Founder of Integrity Enterprises. Most CEO’s I work with are so busy dabbling in the operations of the business that they forget the one thing no one else can do. That is, lead the organization. The highest value you can contribute to your organization is created when you lead and guide the direction, intent, and vision of your company. You are fully responsible for everything that happens in your organization and you feel the pressure on a regular basis. When that pressure arises, if you don’t stay calm and collected, it creates an environment or a state of anxiety. Anxiety causes a lot of work to be done with little result. If we work together we will focus on the entity as a whole. We will work together to lead and guide your company to the result you want. We will create a more profitable and enjoyable organization for everyone involved. I understand what it takes for your company to win. I created Integrity Enterprises to be a resource for you. If you’re open to a conversation, let’s see if we’d be a good fit to work together. I love my clients deeply. I care about you as an individual and I will throw everything I have at making sure you get a good return on your investment with me.

Integrity Enterprises | Business Management Consulting